Once upon a time, God looked down from heaven and saw a family.  The family had a daddy, a mommy, and a little girl named, Maggie.   It was a nice family.  They liked to laugh, and play together.  They liked to pray, too.  But, as God watched this family, He thought someone was missing.

     So, late one night, when everyone was sleeping, God put an idea inside Mommy’s heart.  When she woke up the next morning, Mommy had a twinkle in her eye.  She asked Maggie if she would like a little brother.  “Oh, yes,” Maggie said,  “I would have someone to play with.”    Daddy thought, “I could teach him to play the drums.”   Mommy said, “I could teach him to play basketball, and I would cuddle with him and sings songs to him, too.”  Everyone liked Mommy’s idea.

     That summer went by real fast and winter came with lots of snow.  Then, in the middle of the coldest and snowiest time of the year, Mommy had her little baby boy.  When Maggie came to the hospital to see her new baby brother, Mommy said, “Let’s call him, Sammy.”  And, so they did.

     When Sammy came home, Maggie would hold him, and Mommy would sing to him.  Daddy showed pictures of Sammy to everyone he knew.  He thought, “This summer we can take Sammy to the lake and have a picnic.”

     But, Sammy didn’t go to the lake for a picnic that summer.  Instead, Sammy had to go to the doctor.  The doctor told Mommy and Daddy that Sammy’s muscles weren’t strong enough, and he couldn’t go to the lake for a picnic; not this summer, maybe never.

     Mommy, Daddy, and Maggie were sad that Sammy couldn’t go to the lake and have a picnic.  Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy would sit on the couch, real quiet, with a far-away look in their eyes.  And, sometimes, Maggie would cry, too.  At bedtime, they all prayed, “Please God, make Sammy strong so he can go to the lake for a picnic.”  And, every night they would go to sleep hoping that Sammy would get strong.

     All this time, God was looking down from heaven.  One night, when they were all fast asleep, God put an idea in Daddy’s heart.  The next morning, with a big smile, Daddy said, “We can take Sammy to the lake for a picnic.”  “But”, Maggie said, “Sammy can’t go to the picnic. He can’t walk”.  “That’s OK,” Daddy said, “I will carry him.”  Mommy smiled when Daddy said this.  Maggie smiled too, and clapped her little hands, asking, “Can I carry him, too?”  They all liked Daddy’s idea.

     So, on a hot summer day, with the sun shining brightly, Daddy carried Sammy to the lake for a picnic. Mommy and Maggie made sand castles on the beach while Daddy cooked hot dogs, and Sammy drank a pop.  They were all happy, and had a real good time.  While they were playing, Maggie saw a funny cloud way up high in the sky.  “It looks like somebody smiling,” she said.

     And, God looked down from heaven.