We all are dust.  But some particles of dust become spores which may contain deadly diseases.  At this point, strong medicine must be used to prevent the toxic effects of those spores on themselves and the particles of dust not possessing immunity.  In the case of physical disease the fields of operation may be biochemical or surgical.  In those diseases of heart and soul, the warfare takes place in the arena of ideas where knowledge and understanding reign supreme.

  The tactics of assaulting strongholds of misinformation or deception include the delivery systems of communication.  And, for sentient creatures, the weapons of choice are written and spoken languages.

   Words have meaning.   But we understand with more than just our intellect.  The  beauty of my wife, which draws me near to her, is an effect upon my heart, and by it I make my judgment.  Love is gentle, forgiving, and kind, and another run at the prize is permitted, indeed, demanded by the passions.

   But woe, to the man who relies on his heart when it deceives him in matters of the highest magnitude.  The concrete realities know nothing of grace and forgiveness, and the finality of death can only make naïve an expectation of grace when the opportunity for mercy is ended.

  Those who perpetrate a false assurance as to the status of one’s soul are not, however, the enemy.  They are, like us, of the flesh and, as such, they are secondary targets.  What they believe, how they think, and the content of their understanding are what must be taken captive.  It is by challenging erroneous ideas with the glaring light of truth that concrete thinking is exposed and the process of rehabilitation is begun. Only by changing your mind can the lie ultimately be vanquished, and make no mistake… we’ve all been lied to. 

   Regrettably however, few there be who appear inclined to engage this battle.  Fewer yet are even aware that a very real war for their mind is raging.  This war, from the beginning of time itself, allows for no safe haven, or nation of neutrality and no mood of indifference.  And, as mortal creatures in this time and space we enjoy there is no exemption to accountability.  Those concrete realities will search you out for sure. 

   And, so too, the Spirit of God, who judges all things rightly; including our souls. 

  The stakes can be no greater than a person’s eternal future. That’s where spiritual warfare begins, and in the end it’s all about heaven or hell.  So, let the words fly and the arguments begin.  The prize awaits the seeker.