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A love story for and about my wife, Jeanne, and our family-

 A strategic analysis of socio-political and religious power structures –

A search and survival plan-

An article of faith.

   Tyler Anderson writes and speaks about life experiences with a view to the real-world. 

   Navigating the deepening waters of confusion and distress which threaten to overwhelm individuals, families, and society has become a realm of interest to increasing numbers of people today.  Sober explorations of what really is really going on behind the headlines of “fake news” begs the question; “What to do about it?” 

   The pages of this site include reflections on the primary and universal devotions to family, society, God and the truth but, not necessarily in that order. 

    Informing readers with the tools of knowledge from what some might consider unconventional angles is, however, only one reason for this site’s content.  The author’s writings would be incomplete without noting that no man is an island, and no good thing done under heaven is a solitary endeavor. 

   The ancient ascetics had it wrong and, so too all those who’ve sought the company of themselves.  We are meant for each other, and thank God for that!  On the occasions of overwhelming circumstances the humility in wisdom may demand an appeal for help and, in that spirit these pages are also a summons to the Samaritans we hope to find along the way. 

   Tyler served as a medic with the Army’s Green Berets, and the Air Force’s Military Airlift Command.  His military experience helped prepare him for a career as a Registered Nurse, practicing in many and varied fields of health care since 1973.   The psychiatric care of mental health patients has been the focus of his practice over the  past 20 years. 

   As the son of an artist and musician, Tyler has a background in the performing and graphic arts.  More recently, he is preparing a manuscript of his writing on family, relationships, geo-politics, and hot-button issues of contemporary society compiled since he began writing in the late 1960’s.  The working draft draws from his clinical as well as personal experience and features a street level view of adversity, suffering, and the learned arts of perseverance.    

   Some respite from the serious stuff may be found on the funnier side of the mosh pit which is the Anderson family gene pool. 

    The author is a Christian, (Born Again, Bible Believing) with an atypical biblical/spiritual pedigree.  See: Tyler’s Church History.

  Speaking experiences include interventional counseling and therapeutic settings, business functions and social and entertainment venues.  Special topics feature insights for the Sanctity of Life, Future Preps and Endurance, Home Education, Family Worship, and observations and analysis of the cultural deconstruction of the 21st Century Christian Church in a post-modern era.

   In these pages you will meet Jeanne and the children, Maggie, Sam, Max, and Charlie, all special people with very real and particular challenges.  The stories  of this family’s hopes and dreams, their burdens and sorrows, their successes and failures, are the platform from which to challenge the conventional wisdom of the world’s point of view.     

   This writer is not, however, satisfied with just calling out the socio-political-religious trend-setters presently enjoying mass appeal in western thinking.  The B&M (bitch and moan) crowd has long established a cottage industry majoring in the minors of finger pointing.  Yada, yada, yada.

   Rather, these pages attempt to illustrate the detailed works of grace in the hearts of plain people carrying common burdens during extraordinary times.  Every expression of thought, feeling, and experience is shared as a way marker, the rights to which are acquired only by faith in Jesus Christ and a white-knuckled holding to the promises of God. 

   Hopefully, this web site will touch your heart and awaken you to be a Samaritan of blessing to those with great needs along the paths of life. 

Please see Contact page for interview, contract engagements, and more information.

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